I’m Tukwila City Councilmember De'Sean Quinn and I am running for re-election to Position #7. For the past nine years, it’s been an honor and privilege to serve my fellow residents.
On the council, I have fought for policies that keep our city safe by making fiscally responsible investments in police, fire, code enforcement and transportation Improvements. By using our resources wisely, we can improve residents’ quality of life and plan for a future where Tukwila and its people are better positioned to weather the inevitable storms - both economic and otherwise.
I have also focused on being out in our neighborhoods, meeting neighbors, visiting small businesses, attending cultural celebrations, knocking on doors, talking with as many residents as possible to better understand community needs.
The concerns are similar for residents across the city: responsible development on safer streets and sidewalks, affordable housing for a range of needs, fixes for our aging infrastructure, strong schools to educate and prepare our kids, and good paying jobs and career opportunities for them and adult residents so that the next generation does better than the last.
I’ve also worked to create the kind of Tukwila where our residents want to and can afford to stay, with amenities like well-maintained community venues, parks, and open space, so that as we grow strategically, we also protect our natural environment for this generation and the next. As our cities and counties grow, local governments across our region must collaborate more, and make common sense decisions that make our city stronger and more resilient.
Making our city more welcoming is equally important. That’s why I have worked with city employees, residents, and community advocates to listen and learn about our individual cultures and histories, and use our shared values as a bridge to a better, rising Tukwila.
With every discussion I have as a councilmember, I try to balance and represent the needs of all of our inspiring residents so that as we create prosperity and opportunities, they are more widely shared across our city, not funneled to a chosen few.
Because regardless of how long you have called our city home, what language you speak, your cultural background, or any of the other differences we all have, it’s the people who make Tukwila a great place to be. We see you. You matter. And when we discuss and solve problems as a community, we live up to our highest ideals.
I want to continue to be part of shaping the future of Tukwila. So as a councilmember, but also as a son, husband, and father who wants the best community for his family, I ask for your vote to re-elect me to Tukwila City Council position #7 this year. Thank you.